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tire repair shop

Tire Repair Shop Nashville

Look no further for a tire repair shop in Nashville, Tn. Our mobile tire repair shop service is fast, convenient, and high quality. Our  tire repair shop on wheels will service any passenger car or truck in all areas of Nashville and most surrounding areas. 

To perform a proper mobile tire repair, we only use patches and repair the tire from the inside after taking the tire off the rim. Our tire repair shop services are guaranteed to prevent that puncture from causing another flat tire again. 

To request a service from our tire repair shop, you can fill out our contact form, use our chat widget below, give us a call. Our mobile tire repair techs will be there a soon as possible. 

Does you service commercial trucks?

Unfortunately, we do not offer mobile tire repair services for semis, commercial trucks, heavy duty trailers, or RVs. Our mobile tire repair services are primarily focused around passenger cars and passenger trucks. Contact our mobile tire techs to see if we can service your vehicle or small trailer. We would be happy to assist you with any mobile tire repair questions. 

How does your tire repair shop fix tires?

Our mobile tire repair techs will not plug any tires. Unfortunately, a plug is only a temporary fix and can lead to damaging the tire in the long run. 

Does your tire repair shop have a physical location?

No, our mobile tire repair shop is specifically on wheels. We do not have a physical location for general auto repair or tire repair shop services.