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Have you been left stranded by a flat tire? Don't worry - Nashville Tire Repair & Car Battery is here to make the situation easier. We offer roadside assistance, so no need to wait in line at your local shop! Our team provides repair services for passenger cars, trucks and light trailers; whatever type of vehicle you have we can provide reliable puncture repairs. With our help, car tyre issues become as easy as picking up the phone and booking an appointment with one of our helpful technicians – get back on the road quickly with quality tires that are safe for driving again.

Tire Repair done correctly

Have a tire in need of repair? Look no further! Our Nashville-based flat tire specialists bring the help directly to you - so with just one call, they'll pinpoint and patch any pesky leaks, ensuring your wheels keep rolling on. Relax knowing our experts will make sure your tires never cause trouble again!

What Causes The Need For a Tire Repair?

While cruising the streets of Nashville, there's always a chance that we may tread our way into an unexpected situation - like a flat tire! It could be caused by anything from picking up stray objects on the road to having weak spots in your bead/valve stem or tpms sensor. But despite it all, one thing is for sure; you're going to need some kind of repair if you want that tire back rolling as usual.

What Causes The Need For a Tire Repair?

Don't let a flat tire ruin your drive! If you need a tire repair, our trained towing technicians can quickly get you back on the road. With years of experience and expertise under their belts, they're ready to assess any damage—and know when it's safer not to risk further harm by fixing an un-repairable tire. When safety is of utmost importance, trust us for fast roadside assistance & tire repair that will keep everyone safe from potentially hazardous blowouts at high speeds. So don't wait; call now and wave goodbye those pesky flats!

Affordable Tire Repair In Nashville

At Nashville Tire Repair, we strive to be the most affordable flat tire repair service in all of Nashville. We understand that money isn't always easy to come by - so instead of inflating our rates for a few customers, we aim to go above and beyond with budget-friendly services while never sacrificing quality. Whether you're dealing with financial issues or just want reliable repairs at an unbeatable price – look no further than Fast Towing's dedication toward making every customer experience worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do a tire repair on a tire that has already been repaired?

Depending on the location of the previous tire repair, it is possible to fix a flat tire that has already been repaired. However, determining if a tire repair is possible is a case-by-case basis.

Will you do a tire repair on a tire that's cracking?

We generally will not fix a flat tire if the tire is dry rotting/cracking badly. To determine if tire repair is possible, we would need to see images of the flat tire.

Will you do a tire repair on a run flat?

Unfortunately, we can not perform a tire repair on a run flat.

Do you patch the flat tire from the inside or the outside when you perform a tire repair service?

We always perform a tire repair service from the inside. We take the flat tire off of the rim and use a tire patch to repair the tire from the inside.

How many times can you fix a flat tire?

Tire repair service is best performed one time on a tire. But it is possible to fix a flat tire more than once as long as the tire patch and new puncture are a good distance apart. Tire repair for this type of situation would be based on a case-by-case situation.

What is your tire repair schedule like?

Our tire repair schedule is 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. However, we may not always be able to assist everyone with tire repair if our day is booked with other jobs. Please call us if you are in need of tire repair and we will let you know when we can get to you.

How do I Know If I need a tire repair?

You will need a tire repair if you are leaking air out of a tire. An easy way to tell, is by checking your air pressure. If one tire is lower than the rest, you probably have a leaking tire that could potentially turn into a flat tire. A tire light coming on can also be a sign of tire that could need tire repair. If you have any questions about tire repair, contact us and we will help you as best we can.

Will you perform a tire repair service if the nail is in the sidewall??


Tire repair can not be performed if the nail is too close to the sidewall. It can be unsafe to fix a flat tire that is near the sidewall.

What's the best way to request tire repair service?

For tire repair you can call, text, or fill out or form on our website.

How far will you travel for tire repair?

Our tire repair techs generally work within a 15 Mike radius of east Nashville. We may travel further if a tire repair tech is available. Please reach out and ask.

Are there any tires your tire repair techs won't fix?

We do not fix semis or heavy duty trailers. Our tire repair techs fix mostly passenger cars and trucks. We also will perform tire repair services if a nail is too close to the sidewall or the tread is too low.

Does your mobile tire repair service plug or patch tires?

Our tire repair service is done with patches from the inside of the tire. We will not perform a tire repair service with a tire repair repair plug.

Do you offer mobile tire repair?

Yes. We offer mobile tire repair.

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I have had nothing but positive results from this place. (3 visits in 2 years) Competitive pricing and quality work. All 3 times, Ryan has taken great care of me.

John Reigle

Ryan was very friendly and helpful. I took my older van to this location for an oil change and inspection. I also asked them to check on a noise I was hearing in the front end. I braced myself for some huge quote. Instead they said it was just a loose bolt that they tightened for no charge. The sound is gone. I also asked them about the tires because to me they looked like they needed replacing. They said they look like they were getting close but actually they still have several thousand miles left. I only wish they had a location closer to my house.

Joe Schmidt

Great service above and beyond!

Deborah Troeger

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